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May 1, 2018
Anyone with kids or pets knows that stains and odors are a part of everyday life. Kids tip over wine glasses and track mud everywhere constantly. Pets often vomit and leave other unpleasant presents all over the carpet. Even after the visual evidence has been removed, the stain continues to persist. Even worse, the odors...
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Everyone loves pristine carpets. Oh, that smell of “new house” clean. Clean rugs are one way to sprucing up a room or your entire house, much like a fresh coat of paint does. From the single adult to the family with young children, from the perpetual party host to the pet owner, dirty and smelly...
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Call ABC Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn for all your carpet cleaning needs. ABC Carpet Cleaning of Brooklyn has been providing quality rug cleaning services has been providing quality rug cleaning services for over ten years. We operate a rug cleaning factory that employs only skilled technicians that take quality work seriously. We have many years of...
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Maybe it’s happened to you. Maybe you know of a friend or family member that it’s happened to. And cartoon characters have certainly fallen victim to it on more than one occasion. But it’s not funny when one’s sweaters and other woolen clothing items are destroyed by moth damage. And this destruction isn’t just limited...
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To be clear, there is nothing quite as wonderful and lovely as a clean carpet. A clean carpet makes every room in a home look well-kept, clean and attractive. However, cleaning your carpet by yourself is not only a challenge but it takes a lot of time and often the results are less than satisfying....
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Professional cleaning will improve the appearance of your carpets and rugs, and it is also good for the health of everyone that lives in your home. In addition to removing visible dust and dirt from carpets and rugs, professional cleaning can reduce the level of allergenic dust mites in the air. It is also possible...
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