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Moth Damage Can Destroy Your Wool Rug

Maybe it’s happened to you. Maybe you know of a friend or family member that it’s happened to. And cartoon characters have certainly fallen victim to it on more than one occasion. But it’s not funny when one’s sweaters and other woolen clothing items are destroyed by moth damage. And this destruction isn’t just limited to woolen clothing. Wool rugs that fall victims to moths can be so chewed up that they become unusable, with huge bare patches and even underlying threading exposed.

Moths And Wool

Adult moths are actually not the wool eating culprits. They lack chewing mouth parts. Many species of adult moths don’t eat at all. However, that’s not the case for their numerous offspring. Voracious eaters and accomplished chewers, moth larva can consume impressive amounts of food in a single day. While the four known species of “clothes moths” started out munching on plants, it unfortunately didn’t take them long to develop a taste for human fabrics. When female moths lay their eggs they’re actually not looking for a free meal for their future children. But the denseness of wool provides the perfect hiding place for moth eggs. Once these eggs hatch, these rugs serve as not only a nursery, but as a cafeteria as well for the very hungry moth larva.

Why You Shouldn’t Fight That Wool Rug Battle Alone

Spraying the rug with insecticide. Scattering cedar chips on the rug. And vacuuming the rug with moth balls in the canister or bag. These are but a few of the DIY approaches wool rug owners take when dealing with moth larva infestations. And the results? While such methods might get rid of a few caterpillars, it won’t get them all, and it can’t prevent re-infestation. There is simply no way that homeowners can thoroughly and safely clean both sides of carpeting or rugs with the in-home methods available to them, which is why the services of a rug cleaning company like ABC Carpet Cleaning of Brooklyn can be invaluable.

How Professional Rug Cleaners Can Help Win The Moth Rug War

New York City’s leading cleaner and restorer of fine rugs for more than two decades, ABC’s technicians know that in the war on moth larva nothing less than a professional factory cleaning will do. Once the infested rug is at the facility it will be washed thoroughly on both sides, destroying larva. Safe and professional heating methods will destroy any eggs. And technicians will also treat wool rugs to make them less “appetizing” to future larva. This also helps to safeguard the rug for storage. And unlike amateur methods, this type of cleaning also removes ingrained soil while protecting the rug’s weave and color.

Given that “clothes moths” can remain in larva form anywhere from two months to almost three years, you certainly don’t want them making themselves at home on your wool rugs. If you suspect moth infestation, don’t hesitate to call for professional help, and safeguard your beautiful investments.

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