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Handmade Rug Cleaning

Handmade rugs are made around in world based on different artisan techniques and materials. Even the dyes can be made from local plants which makes these rugs very unique and valuable. Because handmade rugs are manufactured in a variety of ways around the world, it is important that only an expert clean the rug to not only restore its condition but to ensure that it is not damaged during the cleaning process. Using improper cleaning methods can result color or damaging the rug during cleaning.

ABC Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn are experts in cleaning all types of area rugs, from Silk Persian rugs to Navajo rugs made in the US. Our cleaning process for Handmade rugs goes through four stages. During our inspection stage, we examine to see if there are any conditions that are problems for the cleaning since as pet urine or damaged areas. Once the inspection is finished, we design a cleaning process that will give the optimum results without damaging the rug.

Before cleaning, we treat any stains or odors to loosen them from the rug fiber. During the cleaning phase, We soak and wash the rugs in a vat since this is the most effective way to remove all the dirt and odors. Afterwards we rinse the rug and use a spin drying machine to remove the water. Afterwards place the rugs in a temperature controlled room to ensure a quick drying. We inspect each rug and take any additional measures to make sure all spots are gone for good. Once the rug passes our inspection, we groom the rug and wrap the rug for delivery. We will then call you and arrange for a delivery of your rug. If you have any more questions about our rug cleaning, please call us and ask for a free quote. You will be amazed at how affordable our prices are. To make our prices even better, we have a 20% discount on all our cleaning services. So don’t wait but take advantage of our special offer today!

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