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Why You Need a Professional for Rug Cleaning

Everyone loves pristine carpets. Oh, that smell of “new house” clean. Clean rugs are one way to sprucing up a room or your entire house, much like a fresh coat of paint does. From the single adult to the family with young children, from the perpetual party host to the pet owner, dirty and smelly rugs are inevitable. So how does one recapture the bliss of the pristine, just-moved-in, look and smell of fresh rugs, without entirely replacing them? Well, two choices most everyone investigates are hiring a professional and the DIY method. Continue reading to learn why DIY, in this case, means “Don’t Initiate Yourself.”

There are several benefits to hiring a professional company to clean your rugs for you. First, professional companies utilize very hot water with their cleaning solution to loosen stubborn dirt. Some will even dry vacuum first to remove as much soil as possible before the hot water cleaning process. The use of a high-powered vacuum enables professional cleaners to remove much more water from the carpet than do DIY machines, which translates to less drying time and less chance of mold development within the wet carpet. Additionally, many offer cleaning services for hard surface flooring as well.

Second, professional cleaners are better equipped to handle stubborn stains, highly soiled traffic areas, and persistent odors within the carpet. Many of these companies are equipped to also clean draperies, upholstered furniture, and carpets. It is of no benefit to the homeowner to remove stains and odors from rugs if stains and odors remain in the furniture, draperies, and rugs. A multi-phase approach is necessary for removing allergens, pet dander, odors, and stains, and this is a major benefit for hiring of professionals.

Another added benefit of hiring a professional carpet cleaner is that their work is guaranteed. Many companies register with the local Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce. Some companies are certified as allergy and asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Additionally, many companies will often offer special packages such as a combined room package, or whole house package, or moving in/out package, or neighborhood package, or a pre/post holiday package. Packages such as these can greatly reduce the cost of services.

Lastly, with hiring a professional carpet cleaner, the homeowner has the benefit of personalizing the cleaning services to unique needs. One of the most common customizable services is the addition of topical treatments to the carpets. Topicals can include a stain blocker, a deodorizer or a sanitizer, an anti-allergen, or a flame retardant treatment.

Everyone wants that “new home” smell, look, and feel to their carpets. It’s a great pick me up. Do initiate the call to ABC Carpet Cleaners but don’t clean them yourself.

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